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Ewart Technologies, Inc.
PMB #160
15751 Sheridan Street
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33331

(305) 607-8687 Phone
(305) 675-4681 Fax

Our web hosting services are truly world-class. We offer several different hosting packages, reseller and volume discounts, and standard features that are not available with other "full service" providers.

To ensure maximum performance of all of our systems, we operate our servers at less than 50% of capacity and our data center maintains its bandwidth at least 50% above its peak usage. Internet connectivity is maintained through a highly redundant system that uses 4 different services providers that provide over 500MB of bandwidth. This means that you will receive fast response times and less down-time than most services.

For details on our hosting service, see the following links. Once you are convinced that Ewart Technologies, Inc. offers the best service at an excellent value, sign up to get started.



A Comment from a Customer...
"Everything is going BEAUTIFULLY with the site - No problems, the users are uploading their stuff, everything works.

THANKS for all of your time and trouble. I know they are not part of the "Deal", but they sure are appreciated..."

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