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Our CUSync Hosted Groupware service provide comprehensive coverage for all your communications needs.

CUSync eliminates the need for an expensive in-house email solution and provides incredible functionality. CUSync fully integrates into Microsoft Outlook™ and provides the ability for multiple devices to sync at once. Support for Microsoft EAS, ActiveSync, POP3 and IMAP clients, and a robust, web-based interface using HTML5, ensures users have full access from anywhere.

All connectivity to our CUSync servers is protected against eavesdropping by SSL, and inbound email is filtered for SPAM and viruses. Custom profiles can be created for each organization to restrict access to services as needed, and a control panel allows administrators to easily add emails accounts, aliases and distribution lists instantly. All the control

We even offer an optional system the provides data loss protection for inbound/outbound emails, and even email encryption to ensure your outbound emails are delivered securely. Powered by Dell Sonicwall Mail Security software, this system provides robust, customized protection for your emails.

CUSync is powered by Zimbra on Linux servers in our private cloud environment. This allows CUSync to provide you with the most stable, secure and highly available services possible.

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